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Вот что происходит, когда детей натаскивают на сдачу экзаменов вместо того, чтобы учить языку. Самое забавное, что каждый раз совершенно не понимаешь, как подступиться к работе над ошибками, с чего ее начинать и за что хвататься, кроме головы.
Из проверочной работы в 11 классе (выбрать 5 слов из 15 и составить с ними предложения):

1. Compared with my friends’ parents my parents bought me a dog.
2. Despite all my medical problems, I can training without to break my leg or something else.
3. In my class have pupil to suffer from other pupils.
4. I have a dog and to my sister hard to take over him.
5. Stop it! Don’t irritation me.
6. I have afraid that he irritation from me.
7. He was need to cut down on the time this relationship before he suffered from her.
8. My boyfriend have a new girlfriend and I feel that he is replaced me.
9. It’s really impossible to cut on the time despite I can become an Internet addict.
10. I love pizza compared to Dana that don’t like pizza.
11. Dana love Dan and she attracted to him by this that he talk beautiful.
12. My best friend addict to computer and can be without him.
13. A lot of the young generation is attracted by Facebook.
14. There are a lot of people that addicted to drugs and they are suffer from that.
15. Despite all the bad things about the gadget, people still use it because it help them and makes life easier.
16. I like school despite I need to wake up early in the morning.


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